Here’s an index to the blog posts specifically featuring bikes

Bikes seen on Events

Kernow & SW 600 finishers bikes
On the Bryan Chapman Memorial 600km

Specialized Roubaix

Rode PBP 2011, LEL 2017 and PBP 2019 on this



Rode PBP 2007 on this and Mille Cymru 2010

Setavento bike

Setvento bike

It really is dead now. The welding came undone during an event

SJS Tange

Rode LEL 2005 on this

this one has been “decommissioned” and the frame ended up at the dump

Surly Karate Monkey

now resprayed bright red and with P35 Blunts and 2.2″ tyres

Surly Karate Monkey

Surly Karate Monkey

Surly Karate Monkey

Cotic Roadrat

cotic commuter

cotic commuter

Sold this one. Good bit of iron though

Orbea Gavia Sport

Sold this one.  It did a couple of long rides (400/600) in 2006 and was surprisingly nice for an Aluminium racing bike

Inbred Singlespeed

Inbred singlespeed

Inbred singlespeed

Can’t find that tyre I wanted…

Ridley Aeron

Sold it now.  This only did a few 200/300 rides it was mainly a commuter / shopping bike and I now have a Dawes Galaxy that I use instead

en route to the station

en route to the station

Genesis Datum

Rode Mille Pennines on this.  Was going to do the last PBP on it but – disaster – it had a carbon fibre hole so I switched to the Specialized

Genesis Datum

Genesis Datum

Dawes Galaxy

I bought this second hand and put a generator and B&M light on the front of it.  I haven’t used it for any long rides yet…..

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