Posted by: audaxing | June 16, 2017

LEL set up

Maybe the LEL setup. If I don’t change my mind.

gear for LEL

gear for LEL

  1. Crud Roadrace mk2 mudguards. Might loose them and fit 28mm tyres. These aren’t made anymore but I have some still in a box and numerous spare parts in the garage
  2. Alpkit Drybag. Attached with homemade velco and correx contraption. Might use a bigger bag. Or a Carradice
  3. Brooks B17. Modified.
  4. B&M Seculite and a Smart AAA backup light
  5. New pedals
  6. Restrap frame bag
  7. Side entry bottle cages. 1 litre bottles fit snuggly under the frame bag
  8. Alpkit Large toptube bag. It’s a bit too wide and rubs my legs when I’m out of the saddle
  9. Tri bars
  10. Garmin eTrex 20


  1. No disc bike and not tubeless either by the looks of things , just like me , I did buy a disc bike early this year but feel it is not the right choice for longer or long hilly rides if I had the choice again I would not be bothering although I’m sure it will make a good winter bike .

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