Posted by: audaxing | June 16, 2017

LEL set up

Maybe the LEL setup. If I don’t change my mind.

gear for LEL

gear for LEL

  1. Crud Roadrace mk2 mudguards. Might loose them and fit 28mm tyres. These aren’t made anymore but I have some still in a box and numerous spare parts in the garage
  2. Alpkit Drybag. Attached with homemade velco and correx contraption. Might use a bigger bag. Or a Carradice
  3. Brooks B17. Modified.
  4. B&M Seculite and a Smart AAA backup light
  5. New pedals
  6. Restrap frame bag
  7. Side entry bottle cages. 1 litre bottles fit snuggly under the frame bag
  8. Alpkit Large toptube bag. It’s a bit too wide and rubs my legs when I’m out of the saddle
  9. Tri bars
  10. Garmin eTrex 20
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