Posted by: audaxing | May 21, 2012

What I ate on the Bryan Chapman Memorial 600km

Before the start

A bowl of Mueseli- plastic tub actually, in a travelodge room at 5am

Stage 1

Several bits of homemade flapjack, a couple of Tracker bars

Road Past Rhyader

Stage 2

More flapjack and tracker bars. Stopped at the visitor centre and had a jacket potatoe with Cheese and Beans + a chocolate bar + a can of 7Up

Visitor Centre at Nan-Yr-Arian

Climbing past Cadr Idris

Stage 3

A bit more flapjack. Stopped at the YHA for pasta with minced beef+apple pie+custard

Stage 4

Had a bad patch, due partially to not eating enough. More tracker bars. Had soup + bread at scout hut control

Stage 5

Twirl bar + half a Green and Blacks 70% plain chocolate bar + 2 caffeine tablets. Another Tracker bar. Had soup+pasta+beef +apple pie before bed at YHA

Stage 6

Porridge and bacon sandwich for breakfast. Few bits of flapjack in transit. Second breakfast of 2x sausage rolls at next stop

Stage 7

Stopped at a garage and bought a Friji and packet of cheese biscuit crisp things. Ate them at the top of the climb. Stopped in Kington and had a expresso Maciatto, bought another Friji which I drank on the road. At the Wemboly control had a plate of sandwiches + salad + lots of tea at delightful tearooms

MattC pours the tea

Stage 8

Couple of bits of flapjack. Then some fruit buns with jam on at the finish

Welsh Newton, the last big hill


  1. Very useful insight. Still being a novice with thoughts towards LEL, it’s great to get some real experiences. How much to eat / not eating enough through inexperience is one of my main concerns, especially since I primarily use energy drinks and bars for shorter 100km rides which obviously won’t be viable to carry in enough quantity for audax events.

  2. Your “Welsh Newton” climb is known by everyone else as the “Llancloudy” one. It start in Ll. and ends a mile before WN. /audaxpedant
    Whatever, it’s certainly the hardest one of the weekend! Thanks for your company, we must do it again sometime sweety (especially the posh scones in the sun).

  3. Wow – that is a lot of food!! I have a question for you with regard to how to recover after repeated bouts of endurance activity ( I averaged 55 miles a day for 2 months, in all weathers- just finished) …. so what would be the best way to recover do you think??!!!! No bike for a couple of weeks (which seems like penance); ‘little’ rides (as in an hour or so). Feeling pretty tired, but have further plans for touring in mid-July and want to enjoy it to the full. Any ideas???
    P.S. really enjoy reading your blog :))

    • hi,
      Averaging 55 miles a day for 2 months is quite keen. In the past when I’ve felt a need to recover, it’s because I’ve over done it. There will be things wrong with me like fatigue and over use injuries.

      Staying off the bike for a while usually works for this. To be honest when I get to this stage I don’t really miss riding it!

      I suppose that to “recover” is to become well again to do what you need to do.

      You are going touring in July. You will want to carry through some of your fitness gain from your high mileage to this. Not riding for a couple of weeks is probably the right idea. After this do ride, but not to excess. Then two weeks before the start of your tour have two or three days of riding what you feel to be intensively. For example if your tours longest day is 110 miles, go out and ride 110 miles and then do some hill repeats the next day. After this burst of activity, take the remainder of the time before your tour

      This sort of pattern seems to work for me. I find if I don’t ride at all for more than 2 weeks I have a small fitness decrease. But a week off before an event/tour seems to be a very good idea. People that race don’t do this!

  4. Thanks for that advice. I suppose I’m a little afraid of not riding – little demons keep nagging in my head that I need to keep going. I have become quite fit as a result of all that riding, but hills are posing a bit of a problem – went out yesterday for a little spin (2 hours or so) and could still get up most of the steepest inclines, but there was no oomph in the legs! Which would suggest overtiredness!
    I’ll try out your suggestions – they seem sound!
    Hope the weather improves for July!!!

  5. Anyone out there done a ride like this totally carb free (in ketosis and fat burning) a la volek and phinney)? My longest ride carb free is 100km . No problems at all. The odd knob of butter and salty water.

    • I can do 100km with no carbs but the problem is that after 3 hours or so I just get slower and slower. Also I don’t feel so good. Why make it difficult for yourself? Do “Volek and Phinney” (whoever they are) ride 200 miles+ with frequent stops but not eating anything?
      All audax riders train to have an efficient metabolism at low rates of effort but this isn’t the same as ketosis.

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