Posted by: audaxing | June 2, 2014

Bikes on the Kernow & SW 600

What type of bikes do successful long distance riders actually use?

Here are all the bikes of the finishers of the Kernow and SW event. This event is 600km, 8200m of ascent in 40 hours and is thought of as one of the UKs more difficult self supported road rides.

There were two titanium, six Carbon, three Aluminium and seven steel road bikes

Carradice was the most popular luggage choice

Battery powered lights were used by more riders than generators

Only 10 of the bikes have mudguards but the weather conditions were dry

Everyone had clipless pedals

All the bikes had drop handle bars and four had aero bar extensions

Most of the tyres were 25mm and two bikes had tubeless systems


Ti bike, handmade wheels, Carradice saddle bag


Carbon Ventri bike, full Dura Ace, dry bag as saddle bag/mudguard, frame bag. Hand made front wheel, Campag rear


Planet X Ti frame, Planet X wheels, Carradice Carradry saddlebag


Focus carbon bike, handmade wheels, map trap routesheet holder


Thorn Audax steel bike, rack, top bag, tri bars, Mavic Ksyrium wheels

Giant Carbon bike, Mavic Ksyrium wheels


Spa Audax steel bike, handmade wheels, Carradice saddle bag

Steel bike Mercian, handmade wheels, rack, top bag


Steel Bob Jackson, handmade wheels, Carradice saddle bag, Generator front hub

Aluminium Trek


Aluminium Fort training bike, Union Jack saddle, Carradice saddlebag


Aluminium Trek 1420, Handmade wheels, seat post beam rack, panniers


Look 585, tribars, seat post beam rack, top bag

Cervelo S1, handmade wheels


Steel Planet X Kaffenback, disk brakes, Stans Alpha 340 / Hutchison tubeless wheels, tri bars, Carradice SQR bag


Specialized Roubaix, disk brakes, Stans Alpha 340 / Hutchison tubeles wheels, tri bars, crud road race mudguards


Spa Audax steel bike, handmade wheels, Carradice saddle bag (NOTE: this is a repeat picture! There is one bike missing!)

Condor Fretello, Handmade wheels Carradice Barley


  1. This is a really interesting post and great to see the equipment you elite lads ride. Can you please explain to me why so many of the bikes have hand made wheels. My Thorn Audax, which I’ve only had 6 months, just has the wheels it came with, and they seem to go OK.

    • Hi Barbara!
      There’s two reasons hand made wheels are popular. First, it’s easy to get or make a hand made wheel with a high spoke count (32 or 36) and a low profile rim. Not many factory built wheels are this way. Probably Hope Hoops are the only exception. Second, if a wheel is built by machine they tend to be less tight. I suppose this is to ensure that the build works to a certain tolerance. Hand made wheels can be tightened up as much as the builder wants. This might take a little longer but it’s a time cost that is directly translated into a stronger wheel. A tighter wheel is a stronger wheel.

  2. Nobody completed it on a fixed wheel bike this year then?

    • No, one person started on fixed (Simon) but an old injury flared up and he DNF

  3. Thank you for this. I’ve been looking to do some Audaxing, assessing both my bikes (steel road bike vs steel tourer) trying to balance speed with comfort with weight. Assessing which components to change up. I’ll probably get some 25mm tyres. I’m interested in dynamo hubs (3N80) power converters for GPS and bright lights (front and rear). Any insight gratefully received.

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