Posted by: audaxing | May 20, 2014

Some long distance bikes

Long distance bikes aren’t any different to any other bike, they just go further

I was at the overnight stop of the “Byran Chapman Memorial” 600km event at the Kings YHA, Dolgellau. I was considering if I should give up (stomach ache) and while I was considering I went outside and got shots of some of the dozens of bikes out there.

This is a Ribble 966, a reasonably priced carbon bike. I was amused that the number was very similar to the numbers that Look use on their extremely expensive bikes. Bit of marketing going on there.

This is my bike, a Specialized Roubaix. I’ve covered what I like about it in previous blog posts. But let me say it again. I like it.

This is a brand I’d not seen before but what I found interesting was…

…the mudguard mount!

This bike has a low spoke count, radially spoked wheel on it. I know Bontrager generally make good wheels but radially spoked? On a long distance ride that includes potholed lanes? At night? Poor choice, surely.

This is Neil….

And this is his bike. It’s a fairly typical example of a fast, steel touring bike. A few years ago everyone was on these. Now a lot of the keener riders are on titanium or even carbon.

This is a titanium bike showing the latest trend, disk brakes. I mean that there seem to be more long distance road bikes with disk brakes this year than previously.

This is a Principa, made I believe from aluminium. They are no longer made. It’s loverly and shiney, it’s obviously someones pride and joy


  1. The next to last bike has very interesting rack /home made I believe/. Thanks for the pics.

  2. mattack, isn’t that the latest Carradice Bagman support?

  3. Ps. Great Post. I’m the owner of the unknown brand bike (3rd one down). I wish I could say it’s a tiny niche boutique bike brand but actually it’s a FM028 chinese carbon special with my own decals applied (ELRM stands for Eat Less Ride More). Was bit of an experiment, but I’ve done nearly 10,000 miles on it now and I’m still alive 🙂 The mudguards are a set of Curana C-Lites, thou I replaced all the mounting hardware with my own and replaced the stays with carbon kite rod (JB welded at the actual guard). The seatstay mount you can see in the photo is a bit of meccano 🙂 They’ve been excellent until last week when I snapped the rear one while getting the bike out of the car.

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