Posted by: audaxing | July 1, 2018

Old and new lightweight camping gear

Last year when I rode 600km and slept in a hedge, I was carrying 1500g of camping gear. It was bulky and I had to use an extra large bag to carry it all

This year I am riding the same event again – the Exe-Buzzard from Exeter – but I’ve tried to get some gear that’s lighter and smaller


Last time I used an army surplus gortex bivvy bag, weight 923g and an Alpkit Airo 180 mat, weight 582g

Army surplus gortex bivvy and Alpkit Airo

Army surplus gortex bivvy and Alpkit Airo

I’ve camped out a few times with these. The mat is comfortable and the Bivvy seems to breathe well


This time I will be using a Sol Escape Lite bivvy (165g) and an Alpkit Numo (407g)

Sol Escape Bivvy and Alpkit Numo mat

Sol Escape Bivvy and Alpkit Numo mat

Apart from unpacking and repacking them in the living room, the new stuff is completely unused and untested.

As well as having a much lower total weight, as you can see from the photos the newer kit is much less bulky.   I should be able to use a normal sized bag for the event next weekend!


  1. Hi, I too have been playing around with lightweight camping gear – for some reason I cant see your photos though :-/

    • Sorry about that and thanks for mentioning it!
      Hopefully it’s fixed now, it didn’t like the big pictures

  2. I used the Sol Escape and the Numo on a event. The Sol Escape was warmer than the army surplus bag and the Numo was more comfy! So a great improvement!

  3. Hi again
    I got back from my first lightweight (non audax) cycle camping trip and thought I’d share my experience. I got my pack weight down to 4kg (not including water). That’s for tent, sleeping bag, mat, evening clothes, tools, toiletries etc, contained in a seatpack and barbag (tentpoles attached to toptube). I didn’t take a stove, I just ate out of shops and pubs.
    Really pleased 🙂

    • 4Kg including a tent is quite keen…

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