Posted by: audaxing | August 22, 2016

Taking the S-Ones for a ride

After months of waiting, I finally fitted some Schwalbe S-One 30mm tubeless. There’s not a lot to say about fitting them. I used BOR 20.9mm tubeless tape in a double layer. The tyre took only a little pursuasion with the bead jack getting the initial bead on and then at the last bit. One pumped up straight with a track pump and the other needed CO2

S-One fitted

S-One fitted

S-One fitted

S-One fitted

Halfway up Culm Davey

Halfway up Culm Davey

Only been for one ride. I had the tyres at 80psi/5.5 bar. They seemed more comfortable than the previous 30mm Strada Bianca at 90 psi. Speedwise, it’s difficult to say but I did get a PB on a hill. Grip seemed good, I had to jump a pothole sideways on a wet road while already cornering quite fast and there was no sliding at all


  1. Very timely thanks – have some on order and will be next tyres I test out for long distance use. Definitely interested in how well the wear since I’m thinking of these for use on a possible TCR attempt. BTW – what mudguards do you use? Also need to get some extras for a bike being built up. Used SKS in the past.

    • The mudguards are SKS Longboards in the wider flavour. They are great except occassionally when hopping kerbs they brush the ground

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