Posted by: audaxing | August 22, 2016

Taking the S-Ones for a ride

After months of waiting, I finally fitted some Schwalbe S-One 30mm tubeless. There’s not a lot to say about fitting them. I used BOR 20.9mm tubeless tape in a double layer. The tyre took only a little pursuasion with the bead jack getting the initial bead on and then at the last bit. One pumped up straight with a track pump and the other needed CO2

S-One fitted

S-One fitted

S-One fitted

S-One fitted

Halfway up Culm Davey

Halfway up Culm Davey

Only been for one ride. I had the tyres at 80psi/5.5 bar. They seemed more comfortable than the previous 30mm Strada Bianca at 90 psi. Speedwise, it’s difficult to say but I did get a PB on a hill. Grip seemed good, I had to jump a pothole sideways on a wet road while already cornering quite fast and there was no sliding at all


  1. Very timely thanks – have some on order and will be next tyres I test out for long distance use. Definitely interested in how well the wear since I’m thinking of these for use on a possible TCR attempt. BTW – what mudguards do you use? Also need to get some extras for a bike being built up. Used SKS in the past.

    • The mudguards are SKS Longboards in the wider flavour. They are great except occassionally when hopping kerbs they brush the ground

  2. I installed a pair of these on my regular road bike (tight squeeze but they fit) to ride a 210km Audax last weekend. At 70psi the improvement in ride quality was significant compared to 28mm conventional tyres, especially over broken or rough road surfaces.

    I didn’t have any real issues fitting them using decent steel levers. Getting them to bed into the rims was a challenge on one wheel. I eventually put an inner tube in, inflated with a track pump till it fitted, then deflated and removed the tube without removing the tyre completely from the rim, just enough to get the tube out. Once they are on they appear to lock into the rim even when deflated. After that it went on first time with a CO2 shot.

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