Posted by: audaxing | January 11, 2016

Super C Rackbag

This rack top bag sits at the back of the bike, it’s water proof and rugged

Carradice Super C Rackbag on the bike

Carradice Super C Rackbag on the bike

plastic buckles

plastic buckles

Opening and shutting is is with large plastic buckles that can be used with heavy gloves on. These buckles are similar to cycle helmet strap buckles

velco to attach to rack

velco to attach to rack

To hold the bag firmly in place there are four velcro straps, one at each corner. These seem to work well, don’t come undone with weight or vibration

The inside of a Carradice Super C rackbag

The inside

Internally there is a pull cord and liner around the top. All Carradice bags are finished by hand in a factory in Lancashire and this one was made by Kelly, as you can see on the label!

Covered in Hail

Covered in Hail

In the real world of rides in the rain (and hail) this British made bike luggage copes fine with all weather


  1. Are you still using the super c rack pack. Has it been convenient to use? Has it been replaced?

    • I used it for a while, it was good but I got a second hand Arkel Tailrider which was BETTER. It was better because the zips are great and the expandingness is great. The Tailrider is not as waterproof (you have to use a cover, which is included) I didn’t see the point in having two rack bags of similar function so I sold the Super C Rack pack

      • Thanks

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