Posted by: audaxing | August 2, 2019

Get the spare bike ready

So I decided to find out why my best bike was creaking in the BB.  I had bought a new BB and had a tub of grease ready to use.  But unfortunately, this wasn’t the problem.  I took the cranks off.  Hidden behind the rings, I saw this


In case the photo isn’t clear, there is a large area of damage to the carbon fibre.  The reason the bike has started creaking over the past few weeks is probably due to this!

Repairing this is, I am told, not such a big task.  But I only have a few weeks now until PBP.  Rather than stripping the frame, shipping it to a carbon fibre repair place or alternatively, obtaining all the things to do it myself (I think I need a heatgun and some special tape)  I have decided to switch to my spare bike

The spare bike is a 2010 Specialized Roubaix with rim brakes.  It is in a fairly good state and won’t need much doing to it.  So I got cracking


First, remove the tribars.  Tribars are allowed now on PBP but only short ones and I don’t have these on the Specialized.  Besides, I want to use a bar bag.   Next the old chain comes off, clean various things.   Check the gear cables ( they are ok ) check the brake blocks.  Replace the rear brake blocks.  Add a shiney new chain.  Remove the mudguards and fit new 28mm tyres.  Put the bar bag on.  Put the Carradice bag support on.  Swap the Luxos from the other bike.

I went for a test ride and the BB on this bike was also creaking!   Also, the new chain was slippy in the small ring – probably too long.   Back at base, I did the same as on the other bike and removed the cranks.  Fortunately, I didn’t find the same issue.  The Specialized has a kind of metal armour plate where the damage was on the other bike.   I tightened up the Hope cups on the BB to the max and took a link out of the chain.  While I was at it, I replaced the rear skewer with an Ultegra one instead of the pretty-but-useless Hope red skewer.

No creaking, nice smooth ride.  Should be ok


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