Posted by: audaxing | December 30, 2012

Top Ten Posts on Audaxing this Year

The top ten posts for 2012 were:

1)Long Distance Ride Bike Fit Tips
I think this was popular because it was widely linked to on various other sites. Although the information in the article is available in books or other places on the net, this article is a short practical summary

2)Big Tyres
This is just some brief comments and pictures of 28mm Schwalbe Ultremo tyres. I would guess the reason it is popular is that people buy Ultremo tyres as a easy upgrade to their bike and want information about them, as they are fairly expensive.

3)My best bike part4 : A new bike?
This is a summary of various bikes that a person like myself who wants a long distance bike might consider.

4)Spa Cycles Saddle
A short description of the Spa Cycles B17 a-like saddle. I have no idea why this is such a popular post! They are great saddles but are they really of the zietgeist?

5)Lightweight Saddlebag Substitute
Stuff about using a dry bag as a saddle bag. People hate heavy luggage. Although there is no real solution to the “light bike bag that is water proof, cheap and last forever” there is interest in any possible ideas about it

6)Eddy Merckx test ride
7)New Bike is Black
Both these posts are about lovely carbon bikes. People like lovely bikes.

8)Goodbye Setavento
9)It was Dead but…
These two posts are about my titanium bike, how it broke and how it was eventually repaired

10)Roubaix Tuesday
Another article about a carbon bike

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