Posted by: audaxing | August 17, 2010

Goodbye Setavento

Looks like my best bike has had it

Crack in Titanium

Apparently this crack could suddenly get very big.
Then the seat post would fall out.
So I can’t ride this loverly bike ever again
The frame is unique and was custom made for me in 2007 by the now defunct Setavento frame builders. I rode the 2007 PBP on it:



  1. if its Ti or steel you can get a new top tube, seat post/down tube welded in, at a price… or maybe its that excuse you need for a new frame!


    • Yes, I am looking at getting a repair done. If two out of the three main tubes have to be replaced, well that is going to cost more than a new frame so it is effectively a “write off”

      If they can be repaired without replacing the tubes ( this is unlikely ) then it is possible that the frame could go on

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  5. […] this after 120km. The B17 saddle and the seatpost had been transplanted onto the new bike from my old broken Setavento The problem was that the Use Alien seatpost clamp on the Ti seatpost had seized up. Thankfully […]

  6. Send it to Dean Titanium bikes they fixed my cracked merlin.

    • I see that Dean Bikes are based in Boulder, Colorado in the US- the shipping costs would be as much as the repair!
      I’m thinking of sending it to Enigma bikes in the UK to get it welded up. I could use it as a spare commuter bike then. The fit is great, it would be a shame to get rid of it but I can’t trust it on long rides any more

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