Posted by: audaxing | December 30, 2012

100 mile ride didn’t go well

I got out the house at just before nine, it rained a bit but not too much. I was going up the Exe Valley then along the north coast then Bridgwater, the Somerset levels and back via Taunton

I got to Bridgwater and across most of the levels without any problems, there wasn’t any flooding

Until I got to near Otherly

Flooded A361

Flooded A361

The road was flooded and I was only 10 miles from Taunton. I had turn around and find another way home. I went via Langport. I eventually got to Taunton and was pounding up the hill past Stonegallow chain snapped.

I was surprised as I’ve been doing lots of chain care and even checking it for stretch with a Park Tool chain wear checker

What seemed to have happened is that the powerlink either snapped or pinged off under load. I’ve never had that before.

Finally, when I got out my tools the chain splitter had a bit missing. The screw part that actually pushes out the link.

So I was stuffed and had to call up a rescue. Fortunately I was only 15km from home at this point

Last, I didn’t even do 100 miles. I had 156km on the clock when the chain went.


  1. I also had to be rescued today. Three punctures in 2 miles exhausted my spare tubes and CO canisters. Shopping for a mini pump now, and not depending totally on canisters again.

    • I carry a Topeak Road Morph. It’s not a “mini” pump, it’s over a foot long, it has a pressure gauge and a tab to put under your foot so it works like a track pump

      • I read someone recommend a morph on
        Whatever I end up with would need to fit in a jersey pocket, that pretty much rules the morph out I think. How do you carry your pump.
        Strapped to the frame?

  2. I always have a spare quick links in in my tool bag puncture kit you can always call me or drop by if you have mechanicals

  3. Never mind vorsprung, there will be other, better days.

    Andy, the Lezyne Pressure Drive Mini fits (just) in my topeak seat pack, though it comes with a bracket for bottle cage mounts too.

  4. Don’t you just hate days like that.

  5. Within a warm garage I found the culprit today (3 punctures). A smaller shard of glass piercing the tyre, not far from large piece of glass I pulled out on the roadside. I guess my fingers were to numb with cold to feel the 2nd piece of glass.

  6. […] last attempt at riding 100 miles ended in failure. This time I decided to make it easy by entering an organised event, the “Glastonbury 100 […]

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