Posted by: audaxing | October 4, 2010

New Bike is Black

It’s a Specialized Roubaix Comp with a triple chainset, Brooks B17 on a titanium seatpost and Crud Roadracer Mudguards

Specialized Roubaix Comp next to the pond

Specialized Roubaix Comp next to the pond

Rear view

Specialized Roubaix Comp

Specialized Roubaix Comp with large saddlebag attached


  1. Very nice.

  2. Beautiful Jamie, you’ll fly round on that

    • I hope so 🙂

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  7. Very nice ….

    Up to now, I’d been thinking Ti for a Audax bike – but in truth, I do as many 100km weekend rides as I will audaxing, so a Roubaix is starting to make a lot more sense as I bike I can setup for both.

    Especially since my LBS has them I can try here in South Africa, and Ti is almost no existent here, and pricewise there are some good deals here too.

    How are you finding it for long rides – also curious how you find the Crud mudguards with 25mm tyres? Have seen a few negative reports on them, and also see that SKS now have a long race blade, but only rated for 23mm tyres

    Cheers for any tips.

    • Rob,
      I have got my Ti bike working again and I’ve been riding it around all the time. It is custom and has clearance for 28mm tyres with guards. It is very comfortable.

      It’s difficult to compare my Ti bike with the Roubaix. The Ti bike, as it is custom is a little more comfortable in the body but to be honest there isn’t much in it. The materials are very different and both have their advantages. The Ti is slightly better at absorbing “high frequency” road noise. The Roubaix floats over larger bumps like they are aren’t there: the faster you are going the better!

      The Crud guards on the Roubaix are fine with 25mm tyres but the clearance is very tight. I’ve ridden a very wet 400km on them and they were ok. The way that the Crud fits means that they do actually work as guards on a very close clearance. For PBP I did 28mm tyres on the Roubaix without guards and that was a good choice, it only rained once and it’s just that little bit of a smoother ride.

      • Cheers – good info, thanks. Really enjoying your blog BTW, getting some great tips and hints. I’m definitely going to have to test ride both Ti and the Roubiax I think. LBS has Roubaxi, so easy to get a test ride – but Ti will have to wait until I’m next in UK and can get to Spa Cycles and Corridori.

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