Posted by: audaxing | December 23, 2012

Magic Hat

I’ve never got on with full hats that cover the whole of the top of the head when I’m on a bike. I find that they are too hot and too sweaty

However, I got a new hat for my birthday last month, an Assos S7 raincap. It’s not just a standard cotton cap although it looks like one. The clue is in the name, yes it is water proof.

I’ve been wearing it on it’s own and under my helmet and it is indeed waterproof. It is also breatheable enough to mean that it is possible to wear it, if it isn’t too warm.

It was a gift and apparently it was phenomenally expensive. Although it looks like it is made from Gaffer tape!


  1. Could they have made it look more like it starred in a Village People video? πŸ˜‰

  2. jamies happy new year! hope to see mor eof you this LEL year! How did you get on with crud racer guards??? Whick is best crud or sks??

    • The clip on SKS ( I forget the exact name ) and the Crud Roadrace are very different products.

      To sum it up, the Cruds are slow to fit, are not as durable but give much better protection: they are as good as “proper” mudguards

      The SKS fit in a few seconds, they are nowhere near as good as proper mudguards but are better than nothing. They are also strong looking than Cruds

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