Posted by: audaxing | October 6, 2010

Crud Road Racer Mudguards

These mudguards are intended for fitting on racing bikes with little clearance for normal mudguards and no proper fitting points.

They are a recent product in the last couple of years. The ones I have are the “mk2”. Previous to the Crud Road Racer mudguards, the best seller for fitting to racing bikes was the SKS Raceblade.

However, Crud Road Racers are not the same kind of proposition as Raceblades. Raceblades are quite short and clip on in a few seconds. Crud Road Racers are full length and take quite a long time to fit.

The Crud mudguards are supplied as a kit of front and rear guards with fittings. The front and the rear mud guard are in 4 pieces each. The two largest parts join together underneath the brakes. Then they are attached to each other with a bolt. The guard is then attached to the brake bolt with a cable tie. I am not the most mechanically adept person and it is probably a good job I’ve spent many hours fixing mudguards.

The other two parts for each mudguard are attached at the front and rear of the guard. They are different shapes for different positions on the bike

Each mudguard also has stays which attach to the forks at the front and the seat stays at the back. They are not designed to use mudguard eyes but hold onto the stays with O rings.

The fitting process takes 30 minutes or so and there are lots of tiny fiddly bolts to be placed in inaccessible places

My bike has normal ( for a racing bike ) shallow drop pivot brakes. It is also fitted with 25mm tyres. So the clearances are quite tight. The Crud mudguards just fit. There is quite a lot of noise from trapped dirt and road debris when they are in use. The instructions say to not use these mudguards off road. In my case I think this would be impossible.

They are an attractive black colour and look pretty good.

Crud Road Racer



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