Posted by: audaxing | May 18, 2012

More New Gear

Time for another list of stuff I like

Trekmates® Polar Black Choob

It’s just a gasket you put round your neck but this really works for me at making riding comfortable when it gets a bit colder

Crud Roadrace mudguards

Crud Road Race Mudguards

bits of plastic to keep the mud off

Gore Oxygen IV coat

Now fully “Wales tested”, not quite as good as a Paramo but nice aero fit and tiny pack size make it a favourite

HTC Wildfire Android phone – Weather and maps

google map on HTC Wildfire

google map on HTC Wildfire

See “Ersatz GPS” on how it is used as a map. Also great for finding out what the weather will be like later in the middle of a ride. Oh yes, and making phone calls…

Muc Off

The Easy way to clean your nice new bike

Muc Off

Assos Intermediate Jersey

Thinner than a winter jersey but with an effective windproof panel, this works great over a wide range of temperatures. I don’t think I could justify the cost of a new one, I got mine second hand

Boots Tubigrip Bandage


Ideal for those overworked Achilles tendons in your life

Tracker Roasted Nut Cereal bars


Delicous and strangely addictive

Hi Five “Zero” electrolyte tablets, Neutral flavour


The flavour is “neutral” in the sense that it isn’t some sort of bizarre ersatz fruit.

Alpkit Dry bag

Snow on the Mountains

Snow on the Mountains

I’ve started using one of these as a saddlebag

Ortlieb Bar Bag

Now a permanent feature on my best bike, as used on Paris-Brest-Paris


  1. I’m really debating whether to take a “real GPS” on LEL – or take 1 less device and use my HTC Android. Very tempting idea to leave a Garmin at home.

    • Viewranger for android will download routes – upload gpx to site and then sync to device – and follow them. It’s not turn by turn but you can set it to “beep” if you go off course (x-track).
      You can also download open street maps so you don’t need data connection.
      I use it with the routesheet – stops me clocking up additional miles. The “this way” arrow helps if you go wrong.
      Never used full gps – which I’m sure is better – but I like reading the routesheet – gives me mini goals (but I don’t like adding extra km’s)!

  2. […] bits of homemade flapjack, a couple of Tracker bars Road Past […]

  3. Looks like Google Maps will soon have offline maps for Anroid 2.2 and above. Could be very handy for audax navigation in terms of battery life and areas with poor reception:

  4. hi i have a garmin 880 egde it has a biult in recharge battery.i now it does not hold a charge long enough for me to do the lel next do i buy a dynohub and all the bits are is there a easyer way.thanks gary.

    • Gary, I assume you mean a Garmin Edge 800. This has a built in battery that does 15 hours run time. There are external USB power packs available that should allow you to extend this run time to enough to do the LEL. Someone I rode PBP with did just this. You don’t necessarily need a hub dyanmo and a Ewerks charger

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