Posted by: audaxing | October 25, 2010

Shiney, Shiney

The postman gave me a package on saturday morning. I opened it and this is what I found

hope hub

Hope 130mm 36h rear hub

Later I measured it to feed the stuff into “spocalc.xls”

Measuring the over lock nut dimension with a micrometer

Now the question is do I get a bling IRD rim (in black with black spokes) to go with the hub, or stick with the Mavic Open Pro I have in stock?


  1. I run Hope/open pro road wheels and i’ve been nothing but impressed with them.

  2. do hope hubs make a good noise? loud?..

    stick with the open pros, good rims, well made.

    • When I have built the wheels I will report back on the noise. I am going with the Open Pro as it’s the cheaper option. All I have to do is buy half a set of spokes in a size I don’t have in the spares box

  3. I can only dream of spending that much on a hub. Do you recommend anything for open pros at half that price?

    • I assume you mean full list price for a Hope hub? That’s £141
      They are widely available for £130, I got mine for £120

      If you want to save $$$ on a wheel then instead of Open Pros use Rigda Chrina. They are as strong/stronger/longer lasting and are about half the price. Spa Cycles stock them

      As for the hub, I have previously used Shimano 105 hubs with pretty good results

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