Posted by: audaxing | February 22, 2011

In Praise of Muc Off

I got some Muc Off bike cleaner for christmas. I wouldn’t have bought it myself. But I have found it useful on my new Roubaix bike. When I go for a longer ride at the weekend on it, I tend to pick days that are not particularly wet and look for clean roads. But even so the bike gets plastered in mud and road grime.

Muc Off is used in the following way: when the rider returns home they spray the bike with Muc Off as it is, immediately on getting home. Then the rider has a cup of tea or showers or whatever. After a few minutes have passed the rider rinses the Muc Off spray from the bike with a hosepipe.

The bike is impressively clean after this, despite the lack of any kind of effort.

Ideal for weekend rides

Muc Off


  1. Rather than a hosepipe you might want to conserve water by using something like a Hozelock PortaShower. Gets the bike just as clean but only consumes about 5 litres of water doing so. Especially good if you happen to be on a metered supply.

    Top blog btw.

    • I’m not on a metered supply but I do use a hosepipe with a valve control on the end so it only sprays when I want it too. Glad you like the blog 🙂

  2. Despite what they say, Muc-off is believed to be little more than a weak caustic soda solution. Much cheaper to make your own…

    • Are you a chemical doctor? Can you test it for me? Caustic soda is cheap as chips….

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