Posted by: audaxing | February 9, 2011

Paranoia Induced Purchase

Paranoia is a terrible feeling.

On last months Glastonbury 100 miler when I was in the cafe at lunchtime I had to move my unlocked bike around the side of the cafe so I could see it. Then I was watching it like a hawk. It’s quite a new bike and there were a lot of people about, it made me paranoid.

Now I’ve tried to get a technological fix for this paranoia problem

It’s a Retractable Cable Lock with Alarm. It weighs 100g and allegedly has a 100 Decibel alarm if it is tampered with.

It’s not particularly heavy but it might work at those stops where you have to leave the bike outside.
Or the alarm might keep going off for the wrong reasons. Or it might be “too big” to be bothered to pack in the bag. Or a miscreant might just snip through the tiny cable and ride off on the bike before I can run round to see why the alarm is going.

Anyway, I’m hoping for a decrease in paranoia


  1. Thanks, good idea.

    The scrimper in me thinks I may be able to fashion something out of an old halyard and a combi-padlock.

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