Posted by: audaxing | April 23, 2017

Tri bar setup

I’m looking at using tri bars for London Edinburgh London

I have previously used tri bars on a Ti bike I used to have. When I looked at this old bike and also the bikes used on the TCR and other long distance races I saw that bars that hook up at the end are preferred.

So on the new bar setup I’ve used “3T Comfort Bend Bar Extensions – Pro”. I put neoprene tape on the ends where my hands will go before applying bar tape – that’s why they look “bulging”

I don’t use the arm rests or the cups on tribars. I use pipe lagging on the handlebars. The arm supports use up too much space


  1. Not using the arm rests also allows you to get lower and more aero. Should give you a good break from the wind resistance for LEL!

    • let’s hope so! I’ve linked your blog btw 🙂

  2. I’ve just fitted Profile Design Jammer GT’s for exactly the same reason. Using the arm pads for now as I can still get my hands comfortably on the tops but like the pipe lagging idea!

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