Posted by: audaxing | May 30, 2014

Top Ten Bikewear items

This is the stuff that I actually wear on most long distance bike riding events, because it works.

On Ten mesh base layer

Actual product I wear is apparently “One Ten Intimo sleeveless”

It wicks like crazy and seems to keep me at a comfortable temperature at low or higher air temperatures.

Trekmates® Polar Black Choob

Like a buff but mainly made from thin fleece. Keeps the neck warm and also blocks out the light when trying to sleep in unsuitable places

Gore Bikewear Windstopper arm and leg warmers

Back view

Back view

These are effectively wind proof but wick really well so they are useful over a wide range of conditions. They are lighter than carrying a seperate jersey + tights and give more flexibility over insulation

Sidi Diablo Winter MTB boots

Sidi Diablo MTB boots
I have these a size too big and with large socks on they make cold winter rides just a bit better. Very rigid as well as warm and breathable

Assos Intermediate Jersey

This is a mid weight windproof top. It breathes incredibly well and so can be used in a wide range of spring/autumn situations. Got my current one second hand. These are rediculously expensive new so I doubt I will get another one.

Gore Bikewear Oxygen goretex coat

150g including stuff sack, water proof and breathable. Nice fit with a long back for wearing on a bike riding on the drops

Specialized Mitts

I’ve had various models of these. The padding is excellent. The current ones I have seem to be lasting well too

Assos liner gloves

I wear these under the mitts. They breathe really well. If they get wet, they dry out. For rides that are not in the middle of winter ideal extra layer for the hands

Craft Hi Viz Gilet

Just a basic Hi Viz with a mesh back. Is somewhat windproof too. I feel more visible in it, even if I am not, in reality.

Helly Hansen Dry Revolution LS base

It’s not merino, it’s polyester. It wicks, it’s warm and it has a stretchy fit.
I’ve previously done a post on base layers. Merino is great but it’s too warm for me riding a bike. I’ve used merino base layers in the winter out on the moors and it is still too warm. It doesn’t wick well enough either. Where it wins is that it doesn’t smell over a few days use.
Anyway, the Helly Hansen is not any of these things so it’s good.

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