Posted by: audaxing | March 31, 2017

Mike Hall – Legend

I just heard the very shocking news that Mike Hall has died while doing a long distance race in Australia

I followed Mike on Twitter for years and met him and talked on the Brevet Cymru one time.  He was the guest speaker at the last Audax UK reunion

He wasn’t a close friend or anything but he was approachable, remarkable and, for such an extraordinary man, very ordinary

He held the record for the “Tour Divide”, which is possibly the world’s most difficult bike race.  At one point he held the round the world by bike speed record.  He won lots of other races too

Probably his greatest achievement wasn’t winning a race though.  It was setting up the “Transcontinental” race across Europe.  This race starts in Northern Europe (London or Belgium) and then goes to Turkey.  As someone that had done a lot of that type of riding he was the perfect person to understand how to do this kind of race.  The Transcontinental has become a classic in the world of European cycling

We will miss you Mike


  1. Legend. RIP Mike…

    • Well said, a true cycling Gentleman is passed!
      What ever happened the car is the weapon.

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