Posted by: audaxing | July 27, 2016

New Bike setup

The Genesis Datum is a great bike! For maximum long distance fun though I added a few bits and pieces to it..


Adding the mudguards required an especially long (65mm) bolt. When I added the light as well this was increased to 70mm.


Then there was the usual fiddling and faffing getting the fit just right. I used loctite on all the mudguard bolts


Wheels and tyres

I had a pair of wheels made with a higher spoke count than the factory wheels the bike came with. The new wheels are 32 front and 32 rear. Despite being tubeless profiled rims initially I was going to put clinchers on, so on goes the rim tape

I did try putting the Strada Bianca tyres onto the tubeless rims but this proved impossible

So I fitted them onto some old wheels with easier to fit, much narrower channels. I left them hung up in the garage for a week to stretch


Now the wheels would take the Strada Bianca tyres

It was still quite a job getting them on









The front wheel has a SON generator hub. So I put a B&M IQ-X on the fork crown at the front.

Lezyne Micro Drive

Lezyne Micro Drive

At the back I put a Lezyne Micro Drive

Brake pads

One upgrade I should have made before trying to ride the bike around the Lake District and the Pennines were the brake pads. The RS 505 calipers came fitted with resin pads. These last 500 to 1000km. In my case after 1100km they had worn back to the metal and destroyed the front rotor. After this little disaster I fitted sintered pads which should be able to get through a few rides before changing. I also have learned the hard way what a worn out pad sounds like.


I put an Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Klick fix on the handlebars. My old Ortlieb bag is still good. I also made a home brew drybag “saddlebag” holder with velcro straps and corrugated plastic. Should be writing up the “saddlebag” in another blog post


  1. just came across this article whilst looking for pics of datum with mudguards. how did you fit? could you share some additional pics of the fitment?

    • Sure, as soon as I get a chance. I have noticed that the fork crown on my datum is drilled for a mudguard mount but apparently not all of them are like this

      Basically all I did was get a M6 bolt of the appropriate length, a nyloc and some washers

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