Posted by: audaxing | February 21, 2016

Mad March test ride

It’s not March but we were mad to ride this route

The route starts in Exeter and then visits the south coast and then the north coast.
At the south coast it was blowing a gale but otherwise ok. The sky looked evil ( but loverly ) however

Threatening Sky

Threatening Sky

As we went north it rained on and off and the wind got stronger. There was a bit of road on the A396 near Cove that was closed as it was falling in the river. Before we attempted to get past the road closed barriers and see if it was passable we found a great little bus shelter

Bus Shelter

Bus Shelter

We got past the road works and then into the worst weather of the whole trip. As we gained height onto Exmoor the temperature dropped, the rain thickened up and wind blustered. It was kind of pretty in the wet though. Richard reckoned that I over did it pushing too hard here but I always up the speed to get out of the rain.

After peaking at Wheddon X and doing a careful descent down to Dunster we stopped at Blue Anchor. The rain had stopped and after eating too much it was off again, with a tail wind.

The combination of my lack of fitness and too much fried food made the section from Blue Anchor back to near where I live somewhat taxing. Getting back to Exeter was in the face of a strong wind. It had dropped from gale force, fortunely

After that all we had to do was crawl home again.

About 250km on the clock but it felt like double

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