Posted by: audaxing | January 17, 2016

Wells the cold way


Richard came round about 7:30 and we set off. It was predawn light. It was the coldest I’ve felt this winter. The sun came up at Tiverton and it started to slowly warm a little. As the back lanes would be treacherous we stuck to the main road up to Bampton. Notable sights: a large dead deer


It was so cold that I managed to wear my down gilet, a winter weight windproof jacket and two base layers all day. And I never felt over warm. Next bit was Bampton -> Wiveliscombe -> Taunton. Not much to report other than the cafe at Wiveliscombe was actually open


After Taunton, down the A361 to Glastonbury. By the time we got to the levels there had been enough sun that there was no ice on the road at all. There was some flooding but it was in fields not the road. Dead fox in Taunton

Thawing out

When we got to Wells about 1pm we felt like proper lunch. Last time we had a quick pasty but I guess the extra calories burned by the cold had to be replaced.

Evening arrives

Then it was back again via Chard and lots of villages with Sandstone houses

Richard on the A30

Richard on the A30

Loverly Sunset

Loverly Sunset

Last bit was climbing out of Yarcombe to the main road. The main road was busier than expected. Richard got home via super secret back lanes and paths. To finish the 200km I had to go home via a bit of a detour to Collumpton but adding on a few km was ok, I was warmed up. Except for my toes.

Another good day out, the sun, lack of rain and gales and company made it good.


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