Posted by: audaxing | January 1, 2016

New Years Day 100 miler

I do usually try and do 100 miles on New Years day. Usually it is cold but this year the weather was everything else but cold.

Leaving at 7:30

Leaving at 7:30

There wasn’t really a sunrise as such the sky just went slightly red in the east and it got lighter. First thing I did was climb the Blackdown Hills so I was nicely warmed up. It didn’t start raining until I got to Crewkerne and then it just tipped it down all day. Also the wind picked up from “stiff breeze” to “yikes”
At Honiton I wasn’t going to stop but decided that half an hour drinking coffee and eating a sausage baps might not stop the rain but it might ease a bit as it couldn’t get any heavier
There were plenty of flooded roads

Flooding on the old A30

Flooding on the old A30

I only had to divert my route in one place due to impassable road though

I got drenched a couple of times by drivers coming the other way and hitting floods


  1. Good commitment

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