Posted by: audaxing | December 31, 2015

Top Tip for Winter rides with friends

I went for a great 200km with Richard the other day. But as part of the prep before leaving onto the damp roads of Somerset and Devon I added an easy, cheap bit of DIY improvement to my bike. If you have mudguards on your winter bike you can try this too

home made mudflap

home made mudflap

The addition is an extra length mudflap. This might not look much but if you are following a wheel on a wet road it makes all the difference.

To make and fit is a 5 minute job:

  • Drill a couple of holes at the back of the mudguard. On my SKS plastic guards I used a very sharp wood drill bit. To save removing the back wheel I stuffed a bit of wood between the tyre and the mudguard to avoid any damage from the drill on the tyre
  • Cut a piece of junk plastic into a strip 10 to 15cm long and slightly narrower than the mudguard. I used a bit of old milk carton.
  • Drill holes in the plastic strip so they match the holes in the mudguard. Use the existing holes as a guide to mark with a pencil
  • Put the plastic strip on the inside of the mudguard with the holes lining up and thread a small cable tie through both holes. Pull it tight and you are done
  • You can find a great list of general winter ride tips from Bradley Wiggins here on the bbc web site


  1. I made a similar mod myself a couple of weeks ago – if you don’t want to drill holes in your fender a couple of bulldog clips work fine, though you need to take the handles off them after you’ve clipped them on.

  2. Very nice! I’ve been contemplating the best way to add a rear flap to my SKS guards for a few weeks. This might have to be the solution!

  3. A great tip… Made easy. Makes ‘social’ riding a lot more social. Cheers.

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