Posted by: audaxing | May 3, 2015

New Light

I’ve recently got a B&M Luxos U generator powered light. It was easy to fit as a replacement to my existing B&M Cyo. First impressions are that it is bright but seems to behave differently to the Cyo. The beam spread seems to alter with speed.

The beam has a long “throw” than the Cyo and is also wider

The boost button doesn’t seem to do much. I needed squeeze the rear light connector to make it fit tighter on the spade, it kept falling off. This was good in a way as it showed that the green light to indicate the rear light working was ok

I tried out the light on the recent Brevet Cymru 400km event. This was extremely wet with a lot of rain. The light had no problems with this. In real world use in heavy rain in pitch darkness in Wales the beam pattern worked well

Prior to the event I did try out the USB charging and it works on my iphone 4S as specified: once the red light is on the device will slowly charge as long as you are moving

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