Posted by: audaxing | March 13, 2015

Best bike out of hibernation

The best bike was cleaned at the end of last year and hung up in the garage. I knew it had a few problems …


Over the winter mildew had grown on the leather saddle. This was easy to clean off. More wax went on the saddle too

A coating of mildew

A coating of mildew


I noticed at the end of last year that the freehub bearings were starting to be a bit rough. So I put the wheel into the bike shop (Richard’s Bikes in Exeter) for a service. They sorted it out nicely


After I cleaned the chain last year I checked it with a gauge. This revealed that cleaning it had been a waste of time! The chain needed changing. I put a new KMC chain on it

Bottom Bracket

So with a new chain, clean saddle and new freehub bearings I took the bike out for a test ride. A problem immediately showed up. When I put any power at all into the frame – even something as minor as accellorating on the flat caused a loud creaking noise from the frame. It had done this last year a little bit but only when really straining such as on a steep climb. As the problem happened all the time when power was supplied and was in the frame I took the bottom bracket apart, cleaned it throughly, packed with grease and reassembled.

bottom bracket action

bottom bracket action

This seemed to work and the creaking stopped

Hopefully it is all fixed now and ready to do it’s thing!

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