Posted by: audaxing | March 11, 2015

Sunshine, Hail and a Cracked Frame

I’ve entered another 200km Paris-Brest-Paris qualifier, the “Mad March 200” from Exeter. So last weekend I started out. Would I get further than last time, when I packed after a few hours?

At the start

In the car park 7:30am

In the car park 7:30am

I actually drove in a car, the 15 miles to the start. I don’t normally do this for events in Exeter but I wasn’t feeling like a power house so I thought I’d miss out on the bonus miles.

Sunny Morning




It was a great morning. But lunchtime we were at the turnaround point in Blue Anchor

Cracked Frame

Around this time I noticed that the welds on my frame had developed some new cracks and were coming undo. I decided to carry on but to ride carefully. So no 40mph descents.


Just before the Dead Woman’s ditch climb the heavens dumped a load of ice on us
I put on a balaclava and continued. Up the hill. On my broken bike

The route passed our house so I switched bikes to my generally offroad bike for the last 15 miles

Several groups overtook me due to my plodding pace on 2″ tyres

Finished in 11 1/2 hours and I was glad that the car was there to take me home, even if this meant missing out on a pint at the pubbe

But woo hoo! That’s the first Paris-Brest-Paris qualifier done!


  1. More epic than my ride!

    • I’m hoping that the rest of the qualifiers are all super easy, sunny and I have no more mechanicals 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Lewis Rides the PBP? and commented:
    More epic than my ride

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