Posted by: audaxing | January 4, 2015

200km fail

The “Mr Pickwicks January Sale” ride from Tewkesbury was to be my first Paris-Brest-Paris qualifier. But this was not to be

The plan was to get there promptly and ride as fast as possible, with a group and dodging light showers to finish in 11 hours or so.

After driving 100 miles from Devon in heavy rain, starting 40 minutes late, going back to get my wallet that I’d left in the car I finally left Tewkesbury at about 9am

After 20km in heavy rain I was not warming up. In particular my legs weren’t. A quick reckoning of my ETA for the Arrivee based on current performance seemed to suggest a 9pm finish. I’d checked the weather forecast for the area before and the temperature was due to drop drastically as the sun went down, getting to -1 by 9pm. There was quite a bit of higher ground covered later in the ride too – and higher means wetter and colder. If I couldn’t get warm in the “warmer” day then I’d be in trouble at night. So I packed. I retraced to the start with my GPS track, changed into dry clothes in my car and phoned the organiser

If I’d have had water proof trousers with me and if I’ve have got off at 8am it would have been a different outcome. But to be honest with perfect foresight I wouldn’t have started at all!

Thanks to Mark Rigby the organiser for making the event happen despite his nasty cold


  1. Bad luck – do you have another 200 coming up?

    • It wasn’t really a matter of luck, I got there late and didn’t have the right clothes!

      I hope to do the local “Mad March” 200km as a qualifier

      • Have a good one: my first qualifier is the North West Passage in Feb…

  2. I can relate well to this account, there were a couple of rides last season where I made some schoolboy errors, including losing my route sheet and brevet card on the London Sightseer and turning up at the wrong start point for the Rural South! Luckily they were valuable lessons learnt before the Windsor-Chester-Windsor, which went to plan, though my own plans for PBP 2015 have been put on hold after I learnt of the challenge of the qualifying rides! Good Luck!

  3. […] “Mad March 200″ from Exeter. So last weekend I started out. Would I get further than last time, when I packed after a few […]

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