Posted by: audaxing | January 2, 2015

New Year Old Route

I started the New Year the way I like to with a 100 mile ride

I was planning to do the route I always do for New Years Day: over the Blackdown Hills to Taunton, up the A361 almost to Glastonbury, cut across lanes to Bridgwater, through Bridgwater to the A39, past the nuclear power station, Minehead then back home via Dunster, Wheddon Cross and Black Cat on the A396

It was a grey morning but it was great to get up and out all the same

Grey Day for a bike ride

Grey Day for a bike ride

However, just 20km in at Taunton it looked like the planned 100 miles was a bit optimistic. My bikes rear wheel was making nasty rattling noises. When I stopped to check the wheel it had far too much lateral play in the bearings.

Hub repair with rubber solution glue

Hub repair with rubber solution glue

I discovered that the nuts tensioning the bearings were doing the same as last week. They had come loose. I think that at some point in the past I’d left a washer or nut out of the assembly and that it doesn’t now lock tight like it should. To adjust this properly I’d have to remove the cassette and use cone spanners. And I don’t carry an entire workshop with me. But I don’t give up that easy! I used my pliers to tension the hub bearings correctly by applying friction to the burred surface of the nut that had come loose. Once it was ok, I put rubber solution glue around the top of the nut to prevent vibration from shaking it loose again. I was off once more. I checked the wheel at regular intervals and it was fine all the way round

The ride was fairly pleasant until the last 30km. I stopped for a coffee with family in Minehead and then got within a few miles of Tiverton before the rain really came down.

Good day out though!

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