Posted by: audaxing | November 11, 2014

Route Check Trip

Route Altered

I’ve altered the Avalon Sunrise 400km route where it goes through Glastonbury to avoid heavy traffic.  There were comments about this bit of the route so I’ve changed it.  At the weekend I went to Glastonbury to ride around the new bit and get the route instructions

Bit of a problem

I’d only got as far as Taunton when I noticed the SQR saddlebag clamp was broken.   Lashed the saddlebag to the rack with a bungee strap and pressed on

it's not supposed to look like that

it’s not supposed to look like that


Soon I was winging across Somerset



The open road

The open road

Stripey House

The new route skirting around Glastonbury was good, a bit more ascent but goes via a nature reserve instead of a series of A road roundabouts.  The only place where the turning would be easy to miss someone has gone berserk with paint.  This is opposite a L turn

Stripey House

Stripey House

Homeward bound

Then I was past Taunton and near home.

inearly home

nearly home

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