Posted by: audaxing | January 28, 2014

What Car?

“If audax is all about long distance cycling”, a wag once wrote, “why are the car parks full at events?”

AUK  Sticker

AUK Sticker

The answer of course is that we all lead busy lives and at the same time want to enter events in interesting places. Often there isn’t time to cycle many miles to an event

So what sort of cars are good for travelling to events? One with enough room for a bike in the back. One that’s relatively cheap – we don’t want to waste resources on a car

When I got a new car recently I took all this into account and got a Citroen Berlingo



Berlingo rear

Berlingo backend


  1. My uncle has a (slightly older, I think) Berlingo that he has kitted out as a camper – remove the back seats and there’s room for a mattress plus storage, and the enormous rear hatch makes a great awning!

  2. Many people in my club have Berlingos. They are amazing. Mine was inherited from my Dad who had been a plumber, when he semi-retired he wanted something he could still use as a van. Years later and we can drive off with the tandem loaded right in it, with just the front wheel off. I’ve even slept in it when I was camping instead of pitching the tent in the rain. Love them!

  3. LOL about the full carpark. I don’t have a car so have to get creative about traveling to Audax events. I ride, catch the train or beg lifts. Quite challenging really

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