Posted by: audaxing | September 7, 2013

Bodge Up of the Week

Here’s how to fit full length mudguards onto a difficult bike

My Karate Monkey was a summer acquisition. It’s a 29er MTB frame with horizontal dropouts. It has disk brakes and Alfine gears. It will be good to use in the winter but first it needs mudguards. Full mudguards are a bit tricky to fit around disk calipers. It’s the mudguards stays. Job done though thanks to using a sawn off rear mudguard on the front and a piece of plumping pipe as a shim under the fork crown

I’m fairly happy with it. The only thing that really went wrong was that the “front” mudguard split across an old stress point after I’ve cut it to size. It should have had a forward section, but it doesn’t

Now I’m all set for the Dartmoor Devil at the end of October


  1. Love it! I had fun and games getting mine on a close clearance bike before, always worth it though.

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