Posted by: audaxing | April 7, 2013

Hard Boiled and lightly frozen

Riding the Hard Boiled Wessex 300km ride

This event starts at 2am. It was very cold in the night. The first stop was at a Pub on the edge of Salisbury plain, for breakfast at 5am. The day was bright and the roads were dry. The route the ride took used a lot of tiny lanes. This was good for avoiding traffic and having great views but it was sometimes slow. I didn’t eat enough for the second part of the ride, which was hillier so I got slower and slower. I eventually rolled in to the finish control outside of BRM time although they did say I would be validated- I was dead last. Greatly enjoyed a pint of Tribute at the pub at the end.


  1. Brrr. And beautiful đŸ™‚

    • First time on the event I expect or those lanes would not be considered tiny. Positively wide compared to the old route!!

  2. […] Avon to Wells. Some of the dreadful lanes on this bit could be compared with the horrors of the Hardboiled 300km from a couple of weekends ago. When I’m fresh and on lightly rolling terrain 50 might take […]

  3. […] when I was considering the challenge of an early season ride starting at 2am I thought that a base layer (or two) that would actually stay dry would keep me warmer than a […]

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