Posted by: audaxing | March 4, 2013

Best bike out of hiberation

The weekend for the “Coast and Quantocks” 200km has come round again
The roads are dry and no rain looked likely so I got the Roubaix down from the peg in the garage.

We had hopes for some great weather but it was overcast all day, I never turned my lights off. Not even as good as last year

I didn’t start off terribly well. I had somehow assumed that the start was at 8:30am but in fact it was 8am. So I missed most people. However, there were other late starters too, John and Jamie Howard. Jamie Howard is a bit of racing legend at our club, the Exeter Wheelers. He needed people to ride with as his GPS wasn’t working right. I was a bit dubious about riding with him on his first audax. But on the whole he didn’t go too fast and was quite entertaining to chat to.

The ride down to Budleigh was slowish and coldish with temperatures just above zero. After that the temperatures rose a bit and our state of warmth was helped by the climbs to go from Collumpton to Tiverton.

Pippa Wheeler

Pippa Wheeler the organiser at the Canal Tearooms

At the Canal Tearooms, John and Jamie decided to have a bacon butty. I waited for them and then we all set off up the Ex Valley. Unfortunately they were fitter and thinner than me so I was dropped on a climb somewhere after Black Cat.

The Badgers

The Badgers Holt pub, Ex Valley on the way to Wheddon X

I caught them again as John had punctured. I stopped to offer the use of my pump. We continued, they opened a small gap on the last big climb to Wheddon X but I caught them again as they were confused at the info control. Jamie apparently stopped to take a photo, I waited for him in Dunster for a few minutes.

The Driftwood Cafe in Blue Anchor was fab as usual.

Eventually Jamie said that he had to get going as he needed to get back. So with 50 miles to go he suddenly disappeared. One minute he was 10 seconds ahead, then we didn’t see him again. He was telling me he is doing a 50 mile road race next weekend so he would be able to do a ridiculous speed over this distance.


View from half way up the Dead Womans Ditch climb

I carried on, I’d caught the back end of the event despite everything. I stopped at home for dinner (the event passes my house) and finished at about 8pm

Best bike is now muddy instead of shniey..

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