Posted by: audaxing | February 18, 2013

100 mile fun

My last attempt at riding 100 miles ended in failure. This time I decided to make it easy by entering an organised event, the “Glastonbury 100 Miler”

This runs from a town near me so I can ride to the start and the route isn’t especially difficult.

At 8:29am I got to the start, grabbed my brevet card from Sally (thanks Sally) and joined the bunch of riders. It was a good turn out, helped by the weather which looked like being good.

As we set off I tried to stick with the lead group but was dropped on the first proper climb. I didn’t stop for anything to eat at the first control just got a stamp and left asap. I was riding a lot with Julian but managed to loose him just before an info control as the gpx maps were split in two and I nudged the wrong button in my gloves just at that moment for the end of map one. It took me a minute to figure out what was going on, I should have been more aware of where the gpx ended.

Stopped at Heaphy’s Cafe in Glastonbury for a slightly over priced snack and then off again. Julian caught up with me, he’d found somewhere better to stop in Glastonbury.

I lost Julian again when the gps route decided to take us through a quagmire. I mean the “road” was mud, heavily potholed and all the potholes were full of water. I turned back and found a different route, Julian pressed on

It had been a beautiful day and was quite lovely as the sun set over the levels

I got to the finish at just after 5, which is a fairly slow 100 miles.

Lessons learn: 1) look at the gps trace beforehand 2) I am not an all fit, must try harder

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