Posted by: audaxing | January 21, 2013

New Winter Boots

I have been on the lookout for some reasonably priced winter cycling boots. Then some one I know from yacf forum said they were selling these. The sizing was wrong for him but he’d worn them a few times. So a few days later I received a parcel and then I was wearing a nearly new pair of Sidi Diablo GoreTex MTB winter boots in my kitchen
Sidi Diablo GoreTex MTB winter boots

First impressions were that the size 48 was about right for me, with winter weight socks on. My Specialized winter boots are size 47 and the Shimano are 48 for comparison. The enclosure system for the boots is good and they are sturdily made. A quick trip up the shops with them on confirmed that they were very stiff, which I like.

This weekend I really put them to the test by going for a proper winter ride in them. I only did about 40 miles but as you can see, it was cold.

View from Hembury Fort

I am always hoping for a miracle with winter boots. But the fact is that I have poor circulation in my toes. My toes were very cold and I had to stop halfway round at a cafe to let them warm up a bit. However, the boots were pretty good and they allowed sweat to escape. Also, as a bonus I found that the tread grips well in the snow!


  1. […] This is certainly my experience. The PD-M540 work best with super rigid shoes or boots like Sidi Diablo or Specialized Comp MTB. The PD-A520 are ok with more bendy ones like my much loved Shimano MT-60 […]

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