Posted by: audaxing | January 7, 2013

Missing out on LEL?

The 1000 entry slots for the 2013 London Edinburgh London 1400km sold out in a little over 12 hours.

This is unprecedented. Maybe it’s due to the popularity of cycling in the UK, maybe the way that international entrants are now all using the Internet or maybe the excellent publicity that the LEL team have done.

But what if you have missed out? What are the alternatives?

UK Alternative Rides

The LEL is organised closely with Audax UK. Audax UK are involved with all the long, brevet style rides in the UK. So there won’t be any other rides that are really long and that “clash” with the LEL

The nearest long ride in date and geography to the LEL is The Buzzard 600km This is a much more self supported event than the LEL however.
For a less basic ride, you’ll have to go earlier and further away. The National 400km goes from Tiverton, Devon on June the 15th. It should have a large field of riders and excellent encouragement along the way

European Alternative Rides

If you want to ride 1000km+ then you’ll have to look outside the UK
In the rest of Europe there are plenty of long rides this year. In particular the Madrid-Gijon-Marid 1200km is running in Spain.

In France there are several 1000km events. I think that the Grimpeurs du Sud 1000km looks like great fun, and it’s only 10 Euros to enter but it is a lot more taxing than the LEL


  1. Meant to ask – did you get a place / are you riding?

    If so, might catch you there. Your blog has been helpful and inspiring in my quest to do a PBP, which more recently also grew to include LEL as a proving ground for me and the bike.

    • No I didn’t get a place for LEL. I didn’t fancy it TBH. If I had unlimited funds and time I’d be doing the MGM this year. I have the time off for LEL pencilled in though so I might go and be a helper. Preferably somewhere in the far North. So I might see you….

  2. for 2017 edition of LEL: the National 400 this year was in Wales (it’s next weekend but now sold out) There is a great but difficult 1000km starting from Blackpool the Mille Pennines. The Du Sud is on this year but I don’t think the MGM 1200 is

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