Posted by: audaxing | August 15, 2012

A Touch of Luxy


When I was building up my old Ti bike as a 1×9 I was considering getting some different bars
Later, a friend was selling these Luxy Ragley bars. I finally got around to putting them on the bike. I’m glad I did.

Ragley Luxy Bars

As you can see from the picture above they have an unusual shape.

On the rough

The bars are supposed to be an offroad drop bar. I haven’t tried them off road yet but Devons finest lanes provide some ersatz “offroad-on-the-road” and the handling over rough stuff is excellent. As they are wider there is more leverage, I guess.

On comfort

Also as I am tall with wider shoulders the extra width feels nice and comfortable.
The bars also have a long 35mm middle section, not just a bulge at the clamp like some bars. This allegedly is better for comfort


As you can see from the photos I’ve put the traditional weirdo coloured bar tape (grey) for weirdo bars
Fitting the MTB pod shifter I’ve been using for the 1×9 gearing wasn’t straight forward. To get it into a good position I had to attack the lever arms with a hacksaw.

First Impression

I’ve only taken them for one ride and they still have the adjustable stem on for fine tuning the position but first impression is that they are comfortable and good for confident descending

I’ve even considered if they might be a good idea to put on the Roubaix as well


  1. I’ve had this “Randonneur” style of handlebar on my Surly Cross Check for some time now and love them, looks like they’re starting to catch on… mine are On-One Midge bars, an absolute bargain at around £20. Happy Cycling!

  2. Looking at the pics there is no way to ride on the hoods. Is this right? If so does the improved comfort mean the hoods are obsolete?


    • It’s difficult to tell from looking at these weird bars how exactly they are to ride on. I can report that riding on the hoods works, feels great and gives full access to the brakes

  3. I’ve found that the slanted position of the hoods gives a more comfortable and natural grip, and the brake levers are even easier to use from the hoods than on standard drop bars. I don’t use brifters so can’t comment on gear changing.

  4. […] offroad drop bars – Ragly Luxy bars […]

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