Posted by: audaxing | July 1, 2012

That’s about as Shiney as it gets

Following on from my problems during a 400km ride last weekend I’ve had to replace the chain/cassette/cables.
Looks pretty now I think. Won’t last long…

Only troubles I had with the switch over was with the SRAM powerlink. I’ve used SRAM powerlinks for 9 speed and 8 speed before. The 10 speed looks similar but is different in that it doesn’t want to close. Well the one I tried didn’t. I got fed up with it after half an hour and used an old connex chain joiner instead.


  1. Hi – Stumbled onto your blog via BikeRadar. I had the same issue with SRAM 10 speed quick-connects – turns out they are single-use only, unlike their 8 and 9 speed offerings.

    I now use the KMC equivalent for 10 speed, as this is re-usable (useful when taking the chain off for cleaning or flying the bike somewhere)

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