Posted by: audaxing | June 25, 2012

I’ve Worn out my Bike!

I had a bit of trouble with the Roubaix on the recent Avalon 400km event
This year I have put a new front rim on my Roubaix, resprayed the B&M front light. So it’s not as if I have totally ignored it.

As I was trundling up a hill near Frome the changer for the rear gear stopped working. The cable had snapped. I didn’t have a spare with me so I went slightly off the route on the Bristol-Bath cycle path to visit a bike shop.

When I called in at the excellent bike shop they said “This bike is in need of a total overhaul”. Everything the shop guy (Simon) looked at seemed to be worn out.

Come to think of it, I last changed the chain in October last year. I have checked it since but perhaps not as frequently as I should.

The cable that snapped was to the rear derailluer. The cables have not been changed since the bike was new in 2010…

The Roubaix is only used for longer rides and events. During the winter I tend to favour other bikes. Last year I did Paris-Brest-Paris + qualifiers on it, you can imagine how many km that is. This year, according to my records, I’ve done 3000 km on it mostly of 100km+ rides
There has been some poor weather on longer events.

I suppose given all this I should have thought a lot more about maintenance. But I don’t really like maintenance!

Now I’ve been forced to face the facts though. My bike’s drive train is clapped out and I need a bunch of new stuff.

I just ordered up new gear cables outer/inner, new chain, new cassette and bartape. Changing all this stuff isn’t too difficult. I am not quick at doing these sorts of jobs but even so, it won’t take that long.

Shimano gear cable kit

Other stuff I need to arrange:

  • Get rear hub serviced. It’s a Hope and I did do the recommended action of replacing the grease in the top of it at the start of the year. The bearings were plush then. Replacing the bearings in it now is probably a good idea. It would be easier to get this done by a shop as hope-fully(no pun intended) they will have the correct drivers to put the bearings in, which I don’t have.
  • Replace bottom bracket. It’s a Shimano Hollowtech, probably 105 grade like the rest of the parts. Might be nice to get a Hope one instead. I will do this myself, Hollowtech are pretty easy to do


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