Posted by: audaxing | March 7, 2012

South Coast and North Coast

The Coast and Quantocks 200km audax is a local ride so I had to do it.
It was raining when I left the house but I had to do it.
With my new job I am not getting the miles in so I didn’t feel fit, but I had to do it

I rode to the start at the Barn Owl pub in Exeter. The Barn Owl was excellent at providing loads of coffee and tea before the off and for once I got there in time to drink some.

We set off and the route went over the new cycle bridge, which I’d not been on before

the new cycling bridge

We went to the South coast. My feet were numb as it was still raining and it was moderately cold. I was riding with Julian and he is a happy chap so I was in a good mood. Then the route went north. We got to the Tiverton canal cafe for elevenses. After sitting there for a few minutes my feet warmed up and I could feel my toes. Simple pleasures.

I did the next bit with Jono as he seemed to be convincing himself that riding up the beautiful Exe Valley into a “block headwind” ( Jono knows all the technical terms ) would be somewhat arduous.

We had lunch on the North coast at the “Driftwood Cafe”. Jono got into a conversation with some people we were sharing a table with about Morris Minor renovation and so we stayed there too long.

We spent the rest of the day overtaking the tail enders but by now the weather was really loverly. Still a little bit cold but nice and bright with some great views

The view from near Milverton

The view from near Milverton

Finished the event about 6:30pm which is fairly quick for me. I blame Jono. Then I had a pint and rode back home

I had to do it and I’m glad I did


  1. I was quite happy riding the wrong way around (part of) the 100, and then (part of) the right way, until I was waylaid by a phonecall – a false alarm about a broken neck. Still, panic soon over, and I missed the rain.

  2. […] We had hopes for some great weather but it was overcast all day, I never turned my lights off. Not even as good as last year […]

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