Posted by: audaxing | December 21, 2011

Bike Tool Christmas Quiz

See if you can guess what these tools are and what they are used for. I got them all to work on my bike, but for what specific jobs? No prizes, this is just for fun

Scroll down for the answers……



















Tool 1 – Cyclus fork crown race remover – I’ve never used it as it doesn’t fit the carbon forks I got it for
Tool 2 – Circlip Pliers – these are for removing the clips that often hold in freehub sealed bearings
Tool 3 – Headset cup remover – remove fork steerer, push in the head tube and hit with a mallet. Most satisfying .
Tool 4 – Wipperman Chain tool – fold up chain tool, It has a secret compartment for a spare joining link
Tool 5 – Spokey – Spoke key
Tool 6 – Shimano Alfine right hand dust cap remover – I’ve had had some trouble with my Alfine RH dust cap
Tool 7 – Ice Toolz fork crown race remover – This did fit the carbon forks and removed the stuck crown race in seconds
Tool 8 – Chain Whip – used to remove cassette
Tool 9 – Park Tool outboard cup remover – works on Campag Ultratorque and Shimano Hollowtech
Tool 10 – Park Tool large 10mm allen key with handle – good for Campag Ultratorque BB and removing Shimano freehubs


  1. Ha ha, I’ve got a Cyclus fork crown race remover too and it must be the most useless tool ever. It won’t fit any of my modern steel forks, and don’t even think about suspension! I think it’s only designed for 1″ headsets (or at least the only fork I own that it worked on was my ’80s road fork with a 1″ headset).

    Headset removers are very satisfying things to use.

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