Posted by: audaxing | August 7, 2011

Fettling for PBP

Two weeks to Paris Brest Paris! There’s a few little things I need to sort out before.

Sandpapering the Mitts

As previously reported the new Specialized mitts I got have a rough patch inside the thumb. So I attacked both pairs with ultra fine grade metal repair emery paper. This seemed to work, not causing much damage to the material. Most of the sharp edges that were causing the problem have been removed
And I snipped off the care labels while I was at it, sometimes they rub too

Better rear light fittings

The RSP Astrum rear LED lights are super bright, reliable etc. They are ideal as the “permanently attached” backup lights for my PBP bike. The only little problem is really a feature of the extravagantly shaped stays of the Specialized Roubaix. The brackets do fit the lights on but they tend to rotate as the stays are not round. So I’ve got some metal putty and filled in the gap down one side of the bracket/stay interface. Don’t fret about the bike, carbon fibre fans: the stay is covered in electrical tape at that point


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