Posted by: audaxing | August 5, 2011

Specialized again

The other week it was mentioned that my old cycling mitts had perhaps seen better days.
I wouldn’t have taken this as an excuse to get some more except

  1. The next day I couldn’t find the spare pair
  2. I am doing PBP shortly
  3. The old mitts (Ozzo Washable padded Gel Mitts) run a bit hot and I am guessing PBP will be warm this time
  4. I saw some nice looking Specialized mitts on special

The Specialized mitts I got as replacements are “Specialized Pro BG Mitt”
The padding isn’t as thick as the old Ozzo ones but the gloves seem much cooler (thermally cooler that is, not “outta the fridge daddy-oh” cooler)

Here is one of the “cooling features”, nice little holes in the micro pored nose wiper.

But, being Specialized there will be a problem that isn’t apparent at first!

Here’s a shot of the inside of the micropore section. The holes are made by stamping through the material. The edges of the holes are so sharp on the inside than they prickle the outside of your thumbs. Not enough to cut but enough to irritate. Dooh. I will be attacking them with wet n dry emery paper at the weekend to try and sort it out.

I hope I can get them nice and smooth. Apart from this defect the gloves are loverly.


  1. […] previously reported the new Specialized mitts I got have a rough patch inside the thumb. So I attacked both pairs with […]

  2. If the shop in town hadn’t stopped stocking spesh stuff I would have got another pair of these in a heartbeat, lasted me four years of solid commuting in all weathers, have been retired to the special corner of the drawer for me to wring the last bit of wear out of them on proper rides, not mucking about. Cannot seem to find them online anywhere…not at sale price, anyway!

  3. I found some, locally! AND I managed to walk past the new Pinarello in the window…

    Well done on finishing PBP…

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