Posted by: audaxing | June 20, 2011

Invisible Tri-Bars

At the weekend I was trying out the invisible tri bars on my Specialized Roubaix.

The lack of substance made changing gear a bit difficult. I may need to add more padding ( some pipe lagging maybe ) but overall these bars are great.
I think the non-existent bars are worth as much as 2kph under optimium conditions.

And of course they weigh nothing

To use the invisible tri bars on your bike, first watch the Tour de Suisse to see how Cancellera does it. Next, make sure there are no camera mounting clamps and other bits of odd equipment clamped to the bars where you’ll be putting your elbows. Then find a bit of quiet straight road and go for it.


  1. This is where the older versions of shimano shift levers – with the externally routed gear cables – come into their own…you can hold onto the cables while you’re on the invisible bars. I haven’t tried them yet, but I’m wondering about sticking the fizik gel pads underneath next time I change bar tape.

    • One thing to remember when holding onto the brake cables is they are brake cables – if you pull or push them the brakes come on! Gave me quite a shock when I found this out!!


  2. I’ve been using rolled up arm warmers over my elbows as padding. I think my normal position is less aero than yours, as I easily gain 2kph, and sometimes 3kph. The limiting factor for me is saddle angle. This morning I did the last 22km of my commute doing it and averaged 32kph (no tailwind)

    • Woo woo! 32kph is speedy. I think the invisible tribars will not be used on PBP because I now have a bar bag and it gets in the way. Good hint using rolled up arm warmers though…..

  3. On PBP I noticed a number of people who seemed to have strengthened their bar bags to give them a tri-bar position. Admittedly, my Ortlieb saddlepack was probably more aero than their bar bags throughout the entire ride, but my worn triceps were quite envious of the extra position they’d gained.

    Yes, I do use non-existent tribars, but they’re not as good as the real thing.

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