Posted by: audaxing | May 1, 2011

Avalon 400 Test Ride

On friday I went off into the night to test out the current route for the Avalon Sunrise 400 before the event at the start of June.
The weather forecast had looked poor. The strong wind was very difficult crossing the Severn Bridge. Apart from the wind the weather was pretty good. I wasn’t expecting blue skys!

The route hadn’t changed much since last time. All the controls are the same. The main difference is a shorter and easier way through Bristol. Last time the event ran one of the riders from Bristol told me he had used the cycle paths for most of the Bristol section, so I got him to work out a proper route for me.
I rode the route the other day and it was great. All the murderous A roads are avoided. The cycle paths are properly surfaced and do not constantly “give way” to side roads.

I think I made the right decision to put the event on the calendar aiming for mid summer. Riding it now in late April when many of the other 400s are on was more difficult. The main problem was with the longer night. It seemed to go on forever. On the plus side, the charming wooded valley that the route passes through after Michaelwood was even better than normal, vibrant with wild garlic and blue bells

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