Posted by: audaxing | November 17, 2010

Ritchey Torque Key

Now I have a nice new full carbon frame to look after I though it was about time I got a torque wrench.

In case you haven’t come across this bit of equipment it is a special gauge for measuring tightness of bolts. On a bike there is a need to do bolts up as tightly as possible to prevent them shaking loose. But over tightening any bolt has a risk that damage can occur. I have broken a seat post clamp with over tightening it before!

Ritchey Torque Key

Ritchey Torque Key

The torque wrench should ensure that the tightening isn’t too loose and isn’t too tight.

The simplest torque wrench available is made by Ritchey. It is preset to 5Nm tension. This is the right setting for stems. My Specialized seatpost clamp says 6.2Nm but I’m sure that 5Nm is near enough for that too

Bolts and fastenings involved in the drive train require quite considerably more torque. They will have to continue to be done by guesswork. But the low powered torque wrench should protect the frame and forks from me being over enthusiastic. I have snapped the bolt in a seat post collar a couple of times.

Some reviews of the Ritchey Torque Key say that it only has a 4mm allen key driver. However, the one I got has a range of drivers which attach magnetically into the handle.

When the person wrenching reaches the torque limit the Ritchey Key clicks and wiggles, it’s easy to use.


  1. This tool is branded Gocycles! Tho it is the same as the Ritchey. I have one, but did not realize that yuou could swap out the bits. I have many of these, so your posting here is very helpful.

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